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Lobel Modern, opened in 1998 by Evan Lobel, showcases furniture, lighting, hand-blown glass and art by important designers from the 1940's thru the 1980's. Located in the Four Points section of lower Manhattan.


Lobel Modern

Candida Hofer "Teatro alla Scala Miliano V" Photograph 2005

Evan Lobel

Monumental C-print photograph "Teatro alla Scala Milano V" by Candida Hofer, Germany 2005 (signed and numbered on back, “Teatro all Scala Milano V 2005 5/6 Candida Hofer”)

In large-format color photography, Candida Höfer captures the beauty and wistful nostalgia of empty public and institutional spaces. Höfer meticulously composes her shots, positioning herself symmetrically either in the center of rooms or along a diagonal that best reveals the space’s internal architecture. She prefers places that contain a sense of history such as libraries, opera houses, museums, and zoos. She is a member of the Dusseldorf School and former student of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Höfer.

Dimensions Including Frame:

W: 100.75 inches

D: 2.25 inches
H: 80.25 inches

Condition: Excellent


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