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Lobel Modern, opened in 1998 by Evan Lobel, showcases furniture, lighting, hand-blown glass and art by important designers from the 1940's thru the 1980's. Located in the Four Points section of lower Manhattan.


Lobel Modern

Vitorrio Ferro Unique Hand-Blown Glass Vase 2000 - SOLD

Evan Lobel

Hand-blown glass vase, footed with unique gunmetal and blue murrhines, by Vittorio Ferro for Fratelli Pagnin, Murano Italy, ca.2000 (signed "Flli Pagnin by Vittorio Ferro" on bottom). Vittorio Ferro has been a glass master since the 1950's when he worked for Fratelli Toso. His murrhines and rods are unique because he made them himself. He stopped blowing glass shortly after this series. 

H:  10 inches
Diam: 7 inches


Condition: Excellent (White reflections in vase are from lighting

Ref: glass81

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