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Lobel Modern, opened in 1998 by Evan Lobel, showcases furniture, lighting, hand-blown glass and art by important designers from the 1940's thru the 1980's. Located in the Four Points section of lower Manhattan.


Lobel Modern

Luciano Gaspari Hand Blown "Elementi Luganari" Sculptures 1958 (signed)

Evan Lobel


Pair of hand-blown "Elementi Lagunari" sculptures in gray glass with a white and black threads inside by Luciano Gaspari for Salviati, Murano Italy 1958 (hand signed on bottoms with labels). These abstract glass sculptures hint at the dolphin structures in the Venetian Lagoon.


 Big                                    Small
H: 12.5 inches                 H: 10.5 inches
Diam: 3 inches               Diam: 2 inches

Condition: Excellent

$4,800 for the pair

ref: glass105


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