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Lobel Modern, opened in 1998 by Evan Lobel, showcases furniture, lighting, hand-blown glass and art by important designers from the 1940's thru the 1980's. Located in the Four Points section of lower Manhattan.


Lobel Modern

Philip and Kelvin LaVerne "Moment of Truth" a Unique Bronze Coffee Table 1970s - SOLD

Eric McNatt

LaVerne 350 Moment of Truth coffeetable399 man.jpg

"Moment of Truth", a unique studio made hand-brazed base in heavily textured bronze with glass top, by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, American 1970's (signed “Philip & Kelvin LaVerne” on base).

Philip and Kelvin LaVerne were father and son artisans who created important art pieces. Both were accomplished artists in their own right, and they combined their talents to create some of the most memorable and iconic pieces from the 20th century. 

W: 56 inches
D: 30 inches
H: 16.25 inches

Condition: Excellent

Ref: coffeetable399

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