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Lobel Modern, opened in 1998 by Evan Lobel, showcases furniture, lighting, hand-blown glass and art by important designers from the 1940's thru the 1980's. Located in the Four Points section of lower Manhattan.


Lobel Modern

Gabriella Crespi Unique and Important "Punto '83" Table 1982

Eric McNatt

Important "Punto '83" table in stainless steel with mesh tabletop with adjustable height and adjustable petals by Gabriella Crespi, Italy, 1982. "Punto '83" was created for Milan’s Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica as part of the exhibition "I Plurimi di Gabriella Crespi" introduced by Vanni Scheiwiller. This piece is an architectural tour de force and the most important table Crespi designed.

Literature: "Gabriella Crespi, Il Segno E Lo Sprito", book published by Electra for an Exhibition in Milan in 2011, texts and images provided by Gabriella Crespi, curated by Elisabetta Crespi and Cesare Cunaccia, photos pages 82-83, on page 63 it states "The last item in the "Plurimi" Series is the "Punto 83," from 1982. Only one specimen exists, but it is an object that sums up all of Gabriella Crespi's earlier experiences.  It presents a structure divided into petals of stainless steel mesh and is fitted with a pump lift that allows it to be used at different heights.  Locking spines allow the surfaces to adopt different geometric shapes .  It is an example of technology applied to the functionality and dynamics of the object:  the summation and grand finale of the path followed by the "Plurimi," which play a central role in the poetics of Gabriella Crespi."

Table is 41 1/2 inches x 26 inches when closed. 

H: 27 inches (adjustable)
Diam: 51.5 inches


Condition: Excellent

Ref: table11


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